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insatiable milf diane andrews

The Emasculation Begins

You are my first victim of my escape from the male gender. I'm turning the tables, and I'm using your ass as my first liberating experience. Don't feel too special just yet. You haven't even begun to experience my wrath and desire to emasculate men.

I've chosen the biggest cock in my aresenal, and I don't plan on taking it easy on you. I'm going to treat you the way men have treated women for years; no foreplay, no romance, nothing gentle about it - you're going to beg me to stop, and I won't hear you. I will be too busy getting off on tormenting you and using your holes for my own personal pleasure and amusement, starting with your mouth and then your asshole. Now bend over and take it like a good bitch is supposed to. If you were looking for a gentle introduction, think again.

Still consider me the "fairer" sex?

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