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"MILF's Little Foot Bitch"

This was a custom order - name not used. To submit a request, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com. Please submit a full and detailed request for my review.

I come home from work and realize you've been sniffing my dirty socks. This is quite a revelation that my boy is a dirty foot bitch! I suppose you figured I would never find out, but I have, and now I have the perfect "punishment" for your pathetic foot sniffing self.

"I'm messaging in the hope that you would film a "mommies little foot bitch" custom video. You caught me sniffing your socks and as punishment you want me to smell your Bare feet. Call me pathetic and a little bitch as often as possible. If you could make it look like you were getting home from work and
caught me smelling your socks and say my "baby boys a foot bitch?" You
have this beautiful sensual voice I can't wait to hear you say smell
my feet bitch!. I know you'll nail it."

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