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"Let Me Show You How"

You walk in on your step-mom sitting on her bed dressed in full lingerie. You are both startled, and you are the most startled at what starts happening in your pants.

Oh honey, you scared me. I didn't realize you were there. You're not supposed to see me in stuff like this. I was just trying on this outfit that I bought to wear for your father. I was hoping it would make me more sexy and make him want me more. He hasn't really wanted me much lately, and I miss how it feels to have a man touch me. Do you like this? Do you think he will like it? Oh honey, we can't do THAT! No. That would be wrong. But, maybe I could show you how to take care of .... that. I see what's going on in your pants and oh my Gosh, it's big. Wow. I mean, I guess it wouldn't be a big deal for me to show you how to take care of that yourself. I mean, I would just be being a good step-mother. You're not supposed to let that go "untreated". How about you come over here a little closer and you can look at my sexy outfit while I explain to you how to stroke that and make it go away.

What's that? You want to sit on the floor and stare at my sexy nylons? That's fine dear.

You think my stockings are sexy? Wow, I never knew that. I think they are sexy too, and I love how they feel. This is fun. We can teach each other.

I thought you might like me lying on the bed better. This way I can really give you the full view and show you how to stroke it. Now do it just like that, but go a little faster. And then a little faster. Now stop.

Now you can begin again. Look at my sexy body and big tits about to fall out of my outfit and stroke that big hard cock faster and faster, but don't cum quite yet my dear. Let me get into a better position so you can cum in my mouth. I think I would really enjoy that! Now, I'll keep the pace with you on my pussy and you follow along with the speed. That's a good boy, just like that.

Mmmm... you made quite the mess of me.

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