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Insatiable MILF Diane Andrews - Certified MILF Porn Star

6' Tall - 34DD's - Long Legs - Fetishist - Domme - Fantasy Fulfiller

Premium Fantasy Fulfillment and Virtual Experience - Filmed in High Definition

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Come inside and let me satisfy your most secret desires and make your biggest fantasies come to life!

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Latest Updates

March 22, 2015: Satin Covered Treat

Includes: MILF, Virtual Sex, Taboo, POV Sex, Satin Fetish, Momma's Boy

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Satin Covered Treat

Taboo/MILF: 20 minutes High Definition

*This video was a custom commission, to order yours, email me at diane (at) insatiablemilf (dot) com*

*Custom video with the individuals name used frequently throughout*

I am on to you. I know that you sneak into my room when I'm off doing my errands, and that you steal my satin nightie and use it to masterbate. You can't fool me. But, it's OK darling, I want to be with you. I have always wanted to be with you, and now I think that we should be together.

It's obvious you like me covered in satin. The way it feels on your skin. The way it hugs my body and clings to me. I bet you would love it if I rubbed it all over your body, whispering in your ear, telling you how badly I want you.

I've wanted this just as long as you have, so let's make it the best and most sensual time ever. Let me start by stroking you between my satin covered wrists. Doesn't that feel amazing? Now I'm going to use my nightie to stroke you. Mmmmm...

Let's move this up to the bed and we will lay down on my red satin robe and do all the dirty things we've been wanting to do to each other. You have to take me doggie style, and before you cum, pull out and cover my satin covered back in your cum. OMG that is incredible. I know you can come again, so let me finish you off with my mouth and I want you to unload a huge load of your sweet cum onto my face and in my mouth! That's a good boy.

Just remember this has to be our little secret.



March 20, 2015: Welcome Home, Soldier

Includes: MILF, Virtual Sex, Taboo, POV Sex, Momma's Boy

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Welcome Home, Soldier

Taboo/MILF: 18 minutes High Definition

Step-mommy is getting ready for her boy to come home after a long leave in the military. She is SO excited to see her beautiful boy! Little does he know, she has ideas before he even gets home. She plans to seduce her boy. After all, he's been gone a long time, and it's doubtful he has had any "action" of the female kind.

After they greet and exchange their pleasantries, she makes it very clear she has a surprise for him, but he's still unsure quite what, although she has been flaunting her assets and being rather seductive.

In the bedroom, to his shock and surprise, she begins to slowly and seductively strip off her dress, revealing a very sexy outfit that she wore JUST for him. He's been gone a long time, and she has been alone a long time.

I have always loved a man in uniform.



March 13, 2015: Do It For Me

Includes: Cum Eating Instruction, Femdom, Masturbation Instruction, CEI

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Do It For Me

Cum Eating Instruction: 8 minutes High Definition

I know you've struggled with the idea of eating your own cum for as long as you can remember. You always say you want to, and I believe that you truly do. I understand the curiosity and the desire.

This time, you are really going to do it. You're going to do it for me, because I want you to, and I am telling you to. No more hesitation. No more losing the desire as soon as you cum. You're going to lick it up before you even get a chance to think. I'll make you so fucking hot, and you'll cum so hard, you will be consumed with the idea of eating your cum, and you will.

Now you'll be addicted to your own cum, forever.



March 12, 2015: Humiliating My Pathetic Bra Lover

Includes: Bra Fetish, Masturbation Instruction, Humiliation, Big Tits, Tit Worship

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Humiliating My Pathetic Bra Lover

Bra Fetish/Humiliation: 5 minutes High Definition

*This is an intense humiliation clip, with a mean and disgusted tone* You are a pathetic bra lover and absolutely disgust me with your lacey bra fetish and the need to cum on my bra cups. It's truly sad that all it takes is this bra to turn you on. That all it takes is ME in a sexy bra and you're stroking away. I bet you lay in bed at night with images of me in your head, stroking away at your dick.

The good thing about owning your addiction is I get to tell you when to release, and you will not cum until I say, and if you're lucky, I'll let you do it on my beautiful new bra which will no doubt be your new favorite.

I'll send you the bill for this one, too.



March 11, 2015: You Can't Hide The Truth From Your Wife

Includes: Anal Masturbation, Masturbation Encouragement, Forced Bi, Gay Jerk Off Instruction, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction, Hot Wives

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
You Can't Hide The Truth From Your Wife

Taboo MILF: 8 minutes High Definition

I'm your wife, I know who you really are... you're gay. You want cock. I can see it in your eyes every time I mention it. You emphatically say no, but your hard cock says yes. What you don't realize is that I am into it, too. I want you to explore the idea. In fact, I think we should go out and find someone. Maybe one of the guys you ALWAYS hang out with. You know, the ones you hang out with more than ME, your wife. I mean there has to be something there, right?

I'll tell you what, let me tell you my fantasy. I'll bet you get hard just hearing it and will want to jerk off to this idea that's been rattling around in my head. I can see by how feverishly you are jerking away at that cock while I tell it, that you would totally be into doing it with me. Maybe you should play with your ass at the same time. Look at how much harder you get when you do! That's it, we are going to have to live out my fantasy, and not just for you, but for my pleasure, too.

This could be the beginning of an amazing new sex life for both of us!



March 10, 2015: Ruining Step-Mommy's Bath

Includes: Taboo, MILF, Mommas Boy, Bathtub Fetish, Cumshots, Big Tits, Jerk Off Instruction

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Ruining Step-Mommy's Bath

Taboo MILF: 8 minutes High Definition

Step-mom is in the bath, and you knock at the door asking to get some tissues. She says "I'm in the bath" and then reluctantly decides to let you come in and get some tissues. As you walk over to them, she tells you that you need to come over and sit by her so you can have a chat. Obviously, she knows that tissues weren't your only reason for wanting to come into the bathroom while she was naked in the bath.

"I think you wanted to get a glimpse of me naked and then sneak off to your bedroom and masturbate! You're not supposed to look at your step-mother that way. Do you think your friends look at their step-mother's that way? Probably not. Is this what you want to see? Here are my naked breasts right in front of you, is that what you want? Wow, I guess so by how hard you're getting. Take your cock out and stroke it. Well, you're doing pretty well for yourself, I'm happy for you. I guess I'm going to play, too, is that OK? I will masturbate with you. Oh my, it's really turning me on. Maybe I'll stick my fingers in my pussy? I bet you would like to know what step-mommy's pussy feels like on the inside wouldn't you. I bet you could make step-mommy cum really hard too.

Cum closer so you can cover me in your cum. That's a good boy! You made a mess of me! Maybe next time we can actually touch each other.



March 10, 2015: Diary Update

There is a new, and very detailed, diary entry in the member's area!

March 10, 2015

Dearest Diary,

It has been said that moving is ranked to be as stressful as divorce and death. I would have to agree! I am very pleased with my new surroundings, and the move was a very necessary one, but I don't want to have to do that again for a while. I'm not real fond of moving to begin with...

Don't forget that if you have a custom request, or just want to say Hi!, or have any issues or ideas, you can always email me! diane@insatiablemilf.com



March 9, 2015: Your Wife Doesn't Know You Lust For Me And My Sexy Bras

Includes: Bra Fetish, Sensual Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Tit Worship, Cleavage, Female Domination, Home Wrecker, Teasing, Dirty Talk

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Your Wife Doesn't Know You Lust For Me And My Sexy Bras

Bra Fetish: 7 minutes High Definition

Does your wife know about your... secret fetish? I bet she has no idea that you stroke your cock to me and my sexy bras. I would even bet that she could come home at any minute and catch you at your computer stroking your cock to me, naked? No, you're not that brave. I'm sure you're in jeans and your usual shirt, stroking it through the outside of your jeans. Then how would she feel, know she's inadequate at turning you on? I bet she doesn't even own a bra like this. I bet she's still wearing those boring old white and nude things, totally clueless that it doesn't take much effort. Just something as simple as a sexy lace bra and some dirty talk, and I've got you hooked.

I like that we have this little secret. I like knowing I turn you on so much and you are addicted to my clips. In fact, I want you to think of me while you fuck her. I bet you'll fuck her harder and better than you ever have before. Take this image of me, stick it in your bank in your mind, and pull it up when you've got your cock in your wife.

I bet all this is making you so hot you're going to cum and make a huge mess of yourself right at your computer. What if your wife walks in and you don't have time to shut the lid on your laptop AN clean yourself up before she sees? Fuck her good for me.



February 19, 2015: Information Update

I just wanted to let you all know I've been moving this past week or so, and although I am still in the process of moving, I have not forgotten about you, and I still love you :) I will be doing a bit of filming today :)

I have had to catch up on TONS of customs lately -- but, I am slowly getting caught up (all while moving) and hopefully things will be back to "normal" again very soon! UGH.

Don't forget that if you have a custom request, or just want to say Hi!, or have any issues or ideas, you can always email me! diane@insatiablemilf.com



February 6, 2015: She Gets What She Wants

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Mom/Son, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Mommas Boy, Jerk Off Instruction, Big Tits, Satin, Bouncing Boobs, Impregnation Fantasy, Moaning, Orgasms, POV Sex

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
She Gets What She Wants

Taboo MILF: 15 minutes High Definition

Step-mom knows how hard this last month has been for you being away from your new wife. You two have known each other since high school, and I'm sure being away from her after you just married is very difficult. Even if I don't approve of her; she's never been good enough for you! While you do your studies, step-mom offers to help you with your little problem. It must ache like crazy to be without your wife that long, and it will only be longer until you see her again. Let me take care of it. I've waited a month to make my move, and I know you've secretly lusted after me for a long time now. I don't understand why my baby boy tries to hide his true feelings from me. I can see by the bulge in your pants you need my help.

Baby boy maintains he is just fine, so she goes about her housework, picking up laundry and cleaning, all while shoving her breasts in his face with her boobs slipping out of her satin nightie and bending over in front of him with her bare ass showing just enough to drive him to the brink. As she realizes he is losing all self control, she decides to tease him with the idea of making him wait even longer. If he begs, it only means she's going to make him wait another week, possibly a month!

After her housework, she realizes how dry her skin is, so she begins to oil up her neck, her arms, and then her breasts. This is turning her on like crazy, and she peeks over and sees her baby boy is getting very aroused as well so she continues on, eventually moving to her legs and the soles of her feet, gently wiping away baby boy's drool with her toe. Finally, he gives in to her advances and can't take anymore...

Baby boy is powerless to resist.



January 29, 2015: Teasing My Bra Lover

Includes: Bra Fetish, Sensual Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Tit Worship, Cleavage, Female Domination

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Teasing My Bra Lover

Bra Fetish: 9 minutes High Definition

There you are again, I can see you from all the way over here looking at my bra through my see-through blouse. Maybe I wore it for you on purpose because I knew you would be here, and I know from experience you're a bra fetish kind of man. Your eyes are fixated on trying to see my bra through my shirt!

What would happen if I unbuttoned this button? Oh my, I can see you get harder instantly. You really want to see the entire bra, don't you? What if I turn around and show off the back strap? What if I snap the shoulder straps? Do you like that sound? I can see that you do. Your cock doesn't lie.

It appears as though you're almost ready to cum, and I would assume you want to cover my bra cups with it, so maybe I will let you do that.

I will send you my dry cleaning bill.



January 28, 2015: A Very BIG Secret

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Mommas Boy, Fantasies, Cock Worship, Big Tits

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
A Very BIG Secret

Taboo MILF: 10 minutes High Definition

It's so nice to have you back for a visit from college. I bet all the girls are just swooning over you. No? There isnt'a special girl in your life? Well, when there is one, she is going to have to be good enough for you, and by good enough for you, of course I mean like me. Only a woman like me would ever be good enough for my boy.

You can come sit with me, I'm just putting on lotion after my shower. I've missed having you around. Your father isn't around enough anymore, and he neglects me even when he is around. The only other man who even comes close to him, is you, so it's so great having you here with me. Oh my God, are you getting hard? Is this because of me putting on my lotion and all the skin I'm showing? I'm so embarassed sweetie, I'm sorry! What? It's OK? But, you're not supposed to look at me that way. I mean... Oh my God, you're so HUGE. I had no idea you were so... BIG.

So... you're just going to touch it like that then? Well, I guess it's not good to leave it like that, but wow I had no idea you had gotten so BIG. You're WAY bigger than your father. Oh my. Well, if you're going to touch that, then I guess I'll just keep putting lotion on like this? Is this good? Should I go faster? Oh wow, it's dripping! So, just like this? I guess if I'm just putting lotion on then we're not really doing anything wrong.

It'll be our BIG secret.



January 27, 2015: Step-Mom's Tipsy Bath

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Mommas Boy, Fantasies, POV Blow Job, Big Tits, Bathroom Scenes

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Step-Mom's Tipsy Bath

Taboo MILF: 11 minutes High Definition

Step-mom is taking a bath, but you need to use the bathroom, and seeing as there is only one bathroom in the house, she lets you in. She's not exactly completely covered, and you can see her naked, wet body so clearly that it's hard not to get an erection right in front of her. She shyly says she should probably close the curtain, but it's OK because you are her step-son and she's mostly covered.

She then begins to confide in you that your father has been ignoring her a lot lately, and she, too, has needs. It makes her feel unattractive, unwanted and unappreciated when he does this. She knows it's probably just because they've been together for so long, and he's probably bored with her now that she's older, but you reassure her that any man would be lucky to have her. This sparks something inside of her, and the coy and shy step-mom she was when you walked in has now begun to open up (literally) and seems to want to do "things" with you! She says she would never cheat on your father since he's the only man she's ever wanted, but you look just like him, and maybe since it's you, it would be OK.

She practically begs you to let her put her mouth on your cock, and you oblige. This has been a dream of yours since you hit puberty and you're not about to pass up the opportunity now! Yes, she's a bit tipsy from drinking beer, but you know this is what she really wants. As she sucks on your cock and gently licks and caresses it, she also begins to finger her pussy, making herself cum hard. She has to be rather quiet since your father is in the next room watching TV, but once she comes, she finishes you off and begs you to cum in her mouth. She wants to taste your cum, and oh my, she exclaims you taste just like your father! You cum in her mouth a second time, and now that you've both satisfied your needs, she shyly tells you to make sure you tell NO ONE!



December 14, 2014: The Man Doth Protest Too Much

Includes: Forced Bi, Femdom, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Humiliation, POV Strapon, POV Sex, Bouncing Boobs, Big Tits

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
The Man Doth Protest Too Much

Forced Bi: 12 minutes High Definition

All your insistence that you're straight has only led me to believe otherwise. Your constant protesting that you're "not gay", only leads me to be absolutely certain of your lust for cock, and your deep down secret feminine desires. It's just that if someone "forces" you, then it wasn't really something you wanted, it was beyond your control, right? I know for certain you wish you had a pussy, and I am even more certain of your need for that pussy to be fucked by a big, hard, throbbing cock. In fact, I can prove it.

Let's play a little game, shall we? You keep insisting none of this is true, while I take out my BBC strapon and begin to lube it and stroke it. If you can keep yourself from becoming rock hard, I will believe you when you say you don't lust for cock. Furthermore, I'm going to insert this rock hard BBC into your man pussy, and if your cock does nothing, if it just lays there limp and lifeless without dripping, pulsing, or showing any signs of pleasure, then I will believe you're not a cock lover.

Well, well, well, look who has proven me right.

Get a taste by clicking here - this is a smaller resolution preview. Actual video is much larger and higher quality.



December 6, 2014: Filthy Cum Slut

Includes: Forced Bi, Femdom, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Humiliation, Bukkake

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Filthy Cum Slut

Forced Bi: 8 minutes High Definition

You think I don't know your secret, but I do. Your internet history alone tells the entire tale. What it really comes down to is you love cock. Even just me saying the word cock gets you hard as a rock and you throb and drip with excitement. My teasing, my breasts, my pussy... they all still turn you on, but what turns you on the most is my knowledge of your love for cock, and your secret desires for cum. You are a filthy cum slut who would love nothing more than to have several cocks cum on you, and in you. I would love to see you on all fours, taking it in the ass, in the mouth, and several more jerking off and getting cum all over your filthy cum slut body.

The proof is in how hard you get at the very sight of a throbbing hard cock



November 25, 2014: Closet Pervert

Includes: Voyeur, Cuckold, Humiliation, Oral Servitude, Oral Sex, Blow Jobs, Cumshots, Orgasms, Moaning

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Closet Pervert

Oral Sex/Voyeur/Cuckolding: 17 minutes High Definition

Hiding in my closet, you love watching me get eaten by another man. You've always felt inadequate in the bedroom. Now you get to see how a real man makes me cum, and the reward he gets after he does. You wish it was you, but for now all you get is hiding in the closet, watching from a distance, listening to me moan.

Maybe you can learn a thing or two.



November 24, 2014: Seduced By Step-Mom

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Seductress, POV Sex, Satin, Big Tits, Dirty Talk, Sensual Domination

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Seduced By Step-Mom

Taboo MILF: 12 minutes High Definition

The raunchiest taboo MILF clip in my series to date!

Watching step-mom put lotion on her amazingly long legs, she sees you and begins to seduce you. You had no idea what you were in for today, but you learn real fast as she taunts you with her super sexy and dirty dialogue, and tells you how much she would love to find out if you taste, feel, and perform like your father!

You are powerless against her intoxicating smell, her sultry voice, and her amazingly soft yet firm and experienced touch. She has you under her spell, and there's no way out. This is a tall, powerful woman that you cannot resist. She wants you to blow your load in her mouth, and you can do nothing to stop it.

But, it's not wrong if we don't think it's wrong, right?



November 22, 2014: Live Cam With Step-Mom

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Titty Fucking, Jerk Off Instruction, Big Tits

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Live Cam With Step-Mommy

MILF: 6 minutes High Definition

A late night cam session with step-mom turns to some hot jerk off instruction and you cumming on her tits, all while she lays next to your father in bed.

Since you've been away at college, you have missed your step-mom so much it hurts. Every time you cam with her, she gives you something special, and tonight is no different. Wondering why you are up so late, she asks you if you've been watching porn, and then giggles. That's when things take an amazing turn! But, we must be careful so that your father doesn't wake up and catch us!

He's waking up, I have to go!



November 21, 2014: A Lessson In Stroking

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Masturbation Instruction, Masturbation Encouragement, Masturbation Games

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
A Lesson In Stroking

MILF: 11 minutes High Definition

I understand you have probably been masturbating for a long time now, and that's OK. In fact, I think it's very healthy. But, if you're going to do that, you should use it as a tool to be a better lover.

I know you just want to wail on it hard and fast, and sometimes that's perfectly fine, but there are other times when you should take your time. Stroke it slow and soft. Make it last. Learn to control your orgasm so that someday when you're with a woman, you can give her the pleasure of her life. Here, let me show you. See, it's much better for both you and the woman if you take it slow at first. And, it's imperative that you let her cum before you do.

See how much longer you lasted that time?



November 19, 2014: Enjoy Cock

Includes: Forced Bi, Femdom, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Seduction, Cock Worship, Role Reversal, Bodystockings, Encouragement, Sensual Domination

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Enjoy Cock

Forced Bi: 7 minutes High Definition

I'm not here to humiliate you. In fact, it's just the opposite. I'm here to encourage your desire for cock. I want to seduce you with my positive and accepting reaction to finding out you secretly lust for cock. Finally, someone to share cock with!

A sultry and seductive forced-bi. Understanding your desires, and encouraging them. Keeping your secret safe, and helping you fulfill your deepest fantasies. Follow my affirming and positive instructions that will have you coming back for more. Women like me are so rare, and you know that to be true, so don't miss out on this opportunity to feel free to crave cock and be encouraged and cheered by me.

Tell me how much you love cock, and let me be a part of those cravings.



November 15, 2014: Panty Thief

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Fantasies, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Panty Fetish, Panty Sniffing, Cum Eating Instruction, Humiliation

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Panty Thief

MILF: 9 minutes High Definition

I want to have a talk with you. I was cleaning your room earlier and decided it was time to clean under your bed when I found all these pairs of my dirty panties! I had been noticing certain pairs were missing lately, and I could not figure out where they went! Now I know. It's been you, stealing them. Why would you steal my panties? All of my bras and panties are matching sets, so you can imagine my shock when I found my own step-son has been stealing them!

Have you been smelling them and jerking off to them? Well, if that's what you want, then you can just do that right here, right now, for me. If you're brave enough to sneak my panties from me, then you can be brave enough to jerk off to them in front of me, too. You even stole my crotchless panties, and you know exactly when I would wear those. It's when I am with your father, so obviously you love the smell of sex on me, too. So, I have a special surprise for you.

Get on your knees in front of me. You're going to sniff and lick and smell these pairs of panties you had hidden under your bed, and then, the panties I've been wearing; the ones I put on after I had sex with your father last night and he came inside me, and then his cum dripped out into my panties -- I have those for you right here, right now and you're going to smell and lick them while you jerk off. Look at you dripping with excitement!

Now be a good boy and cum in your hand and eat it. If you can manage to do that for me, you can have this pair of panties as a reward.



November 13, 2014: A Substantial Gift

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Fantasies, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Impregnation Fantasy, POV Sex, Bouncing Boobs, Cock Worship, Fantasies

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
A Substantial Gift

MILF: 16 minutes High Definition

I've been needing to discuss something with you but haven't really known how to begin. As you probably know, your father and I have been trying to conceive, but it just hasn't been working. I haven't told him this, but I had tests done and I'm fine, so it's him. His seed has slowed down with age, and the doctor says I need young, vibrant sperm. You know, from a young man... like you.

I really want to have another baby. I would love a son. But, my only chance would be you. Your father doesn't want to do a sperm donor or artificial insemination because it's too costly, so I was thinking you could give me your sperm and he would never have to know. We can do it just like they do in the clinics if you want, but it's really better to do it the natural way. If you promise not to tell, I won't either. Do this for your step-mom. Give your step-mom a baby.

Thank you my precious boy!



November 11, 2014: Don't Be Ashamed

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Fantasies, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Masturbation Encouragement, POV Sex, Bouncing Boobs

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Don't Be Ashamed

MILF: 11 minutes High Definition

Your step-mom is just saying goodnight and opens your door to find you masturbating. As shocked as she is to have walked in on you, she is so understanding and although she begins to leave, she comes back and makes sure you understand it's perfectly OK and natural to do that. She's so encouraging! In fact, she ultimately asks if you would like some help.

Sitting on the bed next to you, she tells you how good it is for you to masturbate, and she tells you the story of the first time she caught your father. How he was embarrassed, but she was extremely turned on, and helped him just like she's helping you. She realizes she probably shouldn't be walking around in such a skimpy little nightie, but she was on her way to bed afterall.

Now, it probably wouldn't be that big of a deal if she climbed on top of you and rubbed your cock thru her panties, right? I mean, as long as clothes are basically left on, then there really isn't anything wrong with it, right?

"Oh my, I'm so embarrassed, I can't believe I had an orgasm!" she says, right before she has another one at the same time you do!

We just have to make sure we keep this a secret, and it can never happen again.



November 3, 2014: Breast Obsession

Includes: Tit Worship, Dirty Talk, Bouncing Boobs, Big Tits, Lotion and Oil Fetish, Masturbation Encouragement

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Breast Obsession

Tit Worship: 11 minutes High Definition

You are obsessed with the female form, but mainly breasts. They are what really do it for you, and I can't say that I blame you, I'm pretty in love with them, too. The power in a nice set of breasts alone makes me glad to be a woman. Just the sight of my cleavage drives you mad, and today you get an extra special treat. Stroking your cock while I play with them, massage them, bounce them, swing them, cover them in baby oil... it's all almost too much to handle. Do you think you're going to be able to last through the entire clip? Or, will your obsession with a nice set of tits get the best of you?



October 31, 2014: Trick And Treat

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Role Playing, Mask Fetish, Big Tits, Tit Fucking, Costumes

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Trick And Treat

MILF: 10 minutes High Definition

Did you have fun trick or treating? You did? That's good. I had a lot of fun, too. It's so neat dressing up and being someone different. I really like your police officer costume. I think every woman loves a man in uniform. You don't want to take it off, do you? And you want me to keep mine on, too! You silly boy. You like it when we are differnt people, don't you? I kind of do, too. It's rather sexy actually. We can do things we wouldn't normally do. Like, since you're a big, manly police officer, you can punish me for being a bit whorish lately. And these breasts of mine have just not wanted to stay in this bra all night! I've tried so hard to be a good girl around all the trick-or-treaters, of course, but they kind of have a mind of their own. Maybe you could come a little closer, Mr. Police Officer, and set them free...



October 29, 2014: You Can Only Dream

Includes: Small Penis Humiliation, Cuckolding, Humiliation, Arrogant Woman, Female Supremacy, Female Domination, Tease and Denial, Corset, Cleavage

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
You Can Only Dream

Small Penis Humiliation: 6 minutes High Definition

Are you serious? You really think you can satisfy a woman like me? I mean... a woman like this? You think you can satisfy. THIS? That's laughable. It's comical, really. I mean, there's no way, you know, you're like "this" big. I need a real man. I need a big, throbbing, hard, thick cock. Someone who, with just that first thrust, can make me scream out in ecstasy. Ha ha, you can't do that! You couldn't possibly do that with that tiny little thing. Are you serious!? I wouldn't even let you try. You're not even in my same league, honey. The only thing you're good for, is washing my panties for me when I go out with my boyfriends.

I mean, I really think it's cute how you assume that you could get with this. It really is adorable. Comical, in a sense, just like your little thingy. Your little clitty. Your little stump inside your pants that you think could possibly do ME any good.

So, I think that what's going to happen tonight is pretty obvious. You're going to stay home, with your tiny little dick, and make sure my dinner is ready just how I like. Wash my panties. You know, the same panties I wear when I go out with my boyfriend and he fucks me and I let him cum inside me and then his cum drips into them? Ya. Those. You need to handwash those of course because they are too delicate for the washer and they need a faggoty special touch. Someone who really knows how to handle delicate lingerie. Maybe tonight is even a good night for me to bring home one of my boyfriends. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Bring him home, let him fuck me in our bed.

At this point you're begging me for mercy and say to me "please baby girl, no more", and this goes a long way to making me really despise you. I'm not your baby, and I'm not a girl, I'm a woman! Certainly more woman than you can handle.

Now back to me bringing home a boyfriend. Maybe I'll bring home ALL of my boyfriends, and you will be forced to watch as they fuck me, one by one, filling me up with their cum, and afterward I think you know what your job will be. That's right. Your job is going to be licking my pussy clean.

So, now you can take one last look at the woman you can't have, before I leave and go let some real men buy me drinks and touch me. Take one last look, faggot, this is what you'll never have.



October 23, 2014: Worship Your Goddess's High Heels

Includes: High Heels, Goddess Worship, Cleavage, Corset, Stockings, Foot Fetish, Feet, Femdom, Female Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Masturbation Instruction

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Worship Your Goddess's High Heels

Masturbation Instruction/High Heels: 8 minutes High Definition

Here you are again, my little pet. I know how much you love my sexy stiletto heels, and today I am going to show you a few of my favorite pairs, and I might even let you jerk off to them, and ON them. I know you love to lick my heels clean for me, as any good pet should. Suck on my high heels like a good bitch.

You will get to cum when I say, and only when I say, but I do know how much I turn you on, especially in this leather corset with my perfect breasts pushed up so high. These big beautiful mounds just might make you burst before the end, but you better not. If you're a good little bitch boy and you last until the end, I will reward you by letting you cum on my favorite pair of high heels.

You are powerless at my feet.



October 19, 2014: Just A Peek Won't Hurt

Includes: MILF, Taboo, Fantasies, Older Woman Younger Man, Cougar, Cleavage, Upskirt, Panty Fetish

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Just A Peek Won't Hurt

Upskirt: 10 minutes High Definition

Curious about what I'm doing, you come find me folding laundry. Well, not just any laundry, my panties. You've always had a weakness for my panties, and the times you've gotten a peek up my skirt or dress have instantly made you hard. I tell you that you can sit and watch me. I enjoy the company. But, what is that going on in your pants? What do you mean what color panties am I wearing now? We're not supposed to have these kinds of conversations, but what is your favorite color? White cotton? What a coincidence!

Well, I suppose it wouldn't be healthy to let you walk around with what has appeared in your pants, so I guess if I just showed them to you while you "took care of it", that wouldn't be wrong, right?

Now what are you going to do with your cum?



October 2, 2014: Breaking Him In Gently

Includes: Femdom, Female Domination, Female Supremacy, Humiliation, Arrogant Woman, Role Reversal, Whipping, Spanking

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
Breaking Him In Gently

Femdom: 10 minutes High Definition

So you blatantly pissed me off, just so you could be punished? Well, aren't you clever. If you can't tell by what I'm wearing, and what it is my hand, you're about to realize what happens when you piss me off.

Get into dirty whore slut position and let the games begin. Are you scared? You should be.

Next time I won't be so gentle.



September 27, 2014: The Emasculation Begins

Includes: Femdom, Femdom POV, POV Strapon, Strap-on, Female Domination, Female Supremacy, Humiliation, Arrogant Woman, Role Reversal

This clip is also available for purchase in my store:
The Emasculation Begins

Femdom POV: 8 minutes High Definition

You are my first victim of my escape from the male gender. I'm turning the tables, and I'm using your ass as my first liberating experience. Don't feel too special just yet. You haven't even begun to experience my wrath and desire to emasculate men.

I've chosen the biggest cock in my aresenal, and I don't plan on taking it easy on you. I'm going to treat you the way men have treated women for years; no foreplay, no romance, nothing gentle about it - you're going to beg me to stop, and I won't hear you. I will be too busy getting off on tormenting you and using your holes for my own personal pleasure and amusement, starting with your mouth and then your asshole. Now bend over and take it like a good bitch is supposed to. If you were looking for a gentle introduction, think again.

Still consider me the "fairer" sex?

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