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April 24, 2014: Watching Her Get Eaten And Fucked

Now that you've had her, you want her even more, but she hasn't let you have her again since the last time. Now your father has come home and you weren't prepared for what is going to happen. You didn't think that after your magical night together, when she had that nightmare and made your dreams come true by mounting you and riding you during the night, you were going to have to share her with her husband - your father. He is her husband, after all. He found her first. At no time did she tell you she wasn't going to please him when he came home. But, you came inside her. Is she going to let him do the same? You contemplate these thoughts as you hear noises coming from their bedroom. You know you shouldn't, but you can't help but peek into the room and watch as he ravages her pussy and ass with his mouth before he plunges his cock deep inside her. You are powerless to stop it, so all you can do for now is jack off from a distance, imagining it's you who is giving her such pleasure.

Oh no! He DID come inside her!! Now what? What if she does get pregnant? Who's baby will it be? Will she tell him, or will she just keep it a secret forever since you are father and son, the baby would look just like both of you.

Besides the obvious torment of watching him take her and knowing that she belongs to him, she sees you watching and she obviously enjoys the sex with him. She catches your eyes more than once, but immediately goes back to him and looking at his handsome face and sexy body between her legs. She claimed you were a better lover than him, but she's moaning and coming so much... is she just acting to turn you on and tease you? Or is it real?

You want her more than anything now, but are you man enough to handle her?

Part of my new fantasy series that begins with: "Step-Moms Nightmare Becomes Your Dream Come True"

Includes: Oral Sex, Cuckolding, Fantasies, Taboo, MILF, Housewives, Fucking, Voyeur, Peeping Tom, Mommas Boy, Impregnation Fantasy, Couples, Ass Eating, Big Tits, Lingerie, Stockings

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Watching Her Get Eaten And Fucked

April 20, 2014: Step-Mom's Nightmare Becomes Your Dream Come True

Hi honey. I had a horrible dream... well, a nightmare really, and I'm all alone because your father is once again out of town, and I'm scared. Can I come lay with you? I promise it will just be for a little while. It's just that, I get so lonely and frightened with your dad gone all the time. I miss his big strong arms wrapped around me to make me feel safe. Do you think, maybe, you could wrap just one arm around me to help me feel safer? Thank you. Now, let's snuggle up and go to sleep.

It must be so shocking to wake up with me sitting on top of you, but I just thought that maybe you could comfort me like your father does, and I couldn't help but notice you got hard in your sleep. Maybe I could help you with that erection?

Oh my, you feel so good inside me. This is so wrong, but feels so amazing. Your'e going to make mommy cum, and you feel so much better than your father. Your cock is so much bigger and makes me cum so much faster! Wow, that's amazing. Can I just keep riding your cock like this? Here, suck on my nipple while I cum again. That's a good boy. Suck my nipple like a good boy and make me cum hard. Keep fucking mommy like a good boy, and, oh my, you just came inside of me! This is not good. What are we going to do? We can't tell your father! I might be pregnant now! Well, we better keep this secret. Your father can never know you pleased me better than he can and that you may have impregnated me with your baby like he hasn't been able to do!

It can be our little secret

desperate housewife masturbation in stockings
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Step-Moms Nightmare Becomes Your Dream Come True

April 12, 2014: Milking Out A Huge Load Of Cum

Re-Introduced at better quality!

This is one of my favorite clips. My fuck toy gets his ass reamed by both my hand and a beer bottle (the big end). The amount of cum I milk from his balls is astonishing. It seems to never end.

Full HD - remastered for better quality viewing

Satisfies your desires for... prostate massage, male ass fucking, female domination, pegging, femdom, handjobs, housewives

desperate housewife masturbation in stockings
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Milking Out A Huge Load Of Cum

April 10, 2014: Hot Pink Jiggles

This hot pink bra can barely contain my enormous real tits. But, it's my favorite. My favorite color is pink, and I love how my boobs spill out of it and almost break free. It lifts them up and out so perfectly, and they continue to bounce and jiggle just like I like. It teases you to the brink to watch them bounce, and moreso when my straps come down and it appears as if they just might fall out. I know it's so difficult to control yourself, and you want to cum, but you must wait until the end when I tell you it's OK.

Pink will now be your favorite color

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Hot Pink Jiggles

April 7, 2014: Multiple Layered Bras

I really love my lacy bras, and I know you do too. You always tell me you do. So, I decided this time I would put them ALL on for you. That's right, one by one I layer my sexy, lacy bras on top of each other while I talk dirty to you and tease you. You jerk it faster with each added bra, so that by the end you can barely contain your load until I tell you it's ok to blow it all over my sexy, lacy bra cups.

I'll be sending you my dry cleaning bill

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Multiple Layered Bras

April 1, 2014: Bra Fetish - See Thru Blouse

Special Member Request:
Wearing a sexy see-through blouse, I taunt and tease you. I know you can see my bra, and my straps, and I see you watching me. It's up to me when I give you the big reveal - lifting my shirt so you can see my sexy bra -- only, you have no idea what color it is or what it looks like until BAM, there it is. You were already hard and jerking to it, but now it's all you can do to control yourself and not cum until I give you the closeup and tell you to cum all over my sexy bra cups.

Full HD in multiple downloadable formats: wmv - mov - avi - mp4

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Bra Fetish - See Through Blouse

These are just a few of our hot updates. Inside you will find a collection of 800+ images and 90+ videos. Updated continuously!

Horny Hubby Blow Job

Fuck Toy was gone for vacation for 11 whole days, and during that time I was kinda going crazy without his cock. It's obvious to me now, that he was also missing my mouth on his cock! I love how his cock tastes and feels in my mouth, but most of all I love how much he cums in my mouth and all over my hand!

I think he missed me a little bit!

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Horny Hubby Blow Job

Glass Dildo Prostate Play

This glass dildo is curved just at the perfect angle to get in his tight ass and find that P spot and milk it until his huge load cums squirting out. Bent over my fuck cushion like a good slave, I work his ass and prostate until he gives me what I want.

He always does exactly as I say

Includes: dildo fucking, pegging, prostate massage, strapon, MILF, CFNM, femdom, cumshots, dirty talk, men taking orders, domination, prostate stimulation, role play, glass dildos

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Glass Dildo Prostate Play

Double Dildo Wrecking Holes

I bought a new toy. A double dildo. So, I figured, what better way to break it in than to have the ultimate play night with my fucktoy and ravage all of our holes, including his ass and his mouth.

We start on me, as he fucks my pussy with the toy making me cum and then I make him suck the cum off. The same goes for when he fucks my ass, he is ordered to suck on it after it's been in my ass for a while. Which he does just like a good fuck toy.

This toy is so versatile. While he's fucking my ass with it, I realize it's so bendy that he can put the other end in my pussy and give me some hot double penetration. And yet again, just like a good fuck toy, he does as he's told, and fucks me good and hard in both holes at the same time, after which he once again sucks both ends clean at the same time.

After I've had plenty of "me" time, we turn the focus on him, and I proceed to fuck him in the ass with my "cock". With one end in me, and the other in his ass, it's just like I'm really ravaging his ass with my own cock! He rides my cock reverse cowgirl style just like the hot and obedient fuck toy that he is, until finally I turn him around to face me so he can grind on my big fat cock while I stroke his until he shoots his load all over my pussy!

Now he knows just what it feels like to get fucked in the ass like a bitch
Full HD in multiple downloadable formats: wmv - mov - avi - mp4

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Double Dildo Wrecking Holes

Sucking and Milking To Get What I Want

Re-Introduced at better quality!

When I want something, I get it. It had been a while since I had been able to get my mouth and hands on his cock, so when I finally did, I made sure to get out as much of that hot precious cum as humanly possible. How do I do this? I massage his prostate at the same time I'm sucking his cock until he explodes with a fountain of goodness right in my face.

Full HD - remastered for better quality viewing

Satisfies your desires for... prostate massage, male ass fucking, female domination, pegging, femdom, handjobs, blowjobs, housewives

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Sucking and Milking To Get What I Want

Outdoor Blow Job

I love making my fuck toy's fantasies a reality, so while out for a cruise in the country, we pull over on the side of the road and hop in the backseat of his truck so I can suck his rock hard cock. We have to make sure no cars come up on us and find out what we're doing. I didn't want to make a mess so I swallowed some of his cum... but he came so hard and so much that it just kept coming! I think he enjoyed adding that one to his list!

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Outdoor Blow Job

Mouth Wide Open Waiting For Cum

Sucking, teasing, licking, slapping, biting, stroking. All I really want is for him to cum in my mouth and to lick it and eat it. He gives me just what I want after I tease his cock and take my time working his huge load from his balls -- and of course I don't forget to pay attention to those.

Shoot that warm load into my waiting mouth and make a mess of my face while I continue to suck and lick your cock like a cum starved fiend.

I can't get enough of his hot cum

blowjobs, milf, handjobs, taboo, big tits, cumshots, housewives, facials

desperate housewife masturbation in stockings
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Mouth Wide Open Waiting For Cum

Step-Mom Does It Best

There's no need to be nervous dear... I'll take care of everything, you just lie back and get what you've always wanted. Step-mom's warm hands and mouth are always so nurturing, and this time is no different. Let me show you how a real woman does it. Oh, here, maybe I should remove all these clothes and give you some visual stimulation. You're always staring at my breasts anyway, so now you get the up close and personal front seat view.

taboo, MILF, handjobs, blowjobs, cumshots, big tits, housewives, pov

desperate housewife masturbation in stockings

Caught On Tape - Step-Mom Is a Whore

You've known for some time now that your step-mom has been cheating on your dad, but you never really had concrete proof. Until now. Dad is out of town, and once again step-mom had a "friend" over for drinks, so you decided this would be the perfect time to hide a camera in her closet and finally get the proof you need. And you got it. Total obvious blatant proof that your step-mom is fucking other guys while your dad is away... the problem is, now that you've watched it, you want to keep it for yourself. It turns you on! Watching your own step-mother fuck someone is turning you on! This can't be! Oh, but it is. And now you'll cherish this forever and continually hope that someday it might be you.

taboo, milf, hidden camera, voyeur, housewives, fucking

desperate housewife masturbation in stockings

Sloppy MILF Blow Job

I know you had a hard day at work. Whenever that happens, I know it's my duty to help you relax and unwind. What's my favorite way? Well, let me show you. I know how much you love the feel of my hot, wet mouth all over your cock, and I just love how it feels when it goes down my throat and I feel your hard cock pulse in my throat. Just lay back and let me work up a huge load of my favorite juice from your flesh lollipop!

Stud Muffin Blow Job

My stud muffin. You were so good to me tonight. I was having a horrible day, no, a horrible WEEK, and you knew exactly how to cheer me up. Showing up with drinks and a smile, looking all cute in your new jeans. If I didn't know better I'd think you were playing me for a blow job, but I know better, because you know I'd suck your cock anytime, anywhere, any mood. No, this was genuine and nice. You wanted to make me feel good... so I'm going to make you feel great. Wow your cock is so hard. That's right, grab my head and shove it down while I suck on your rock hard cock, you know I like that. Now I'm going to bite it a little. Here's a little spit. A little teeth. Shove it down my throat. Lick it. And now the grand finale! Holy shit you can cum a lot! There's one, two, three, four... five... squirts. You deserved it. You made me feel great and I always love to make you feel great.

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A Little About Us:

A Note From Diane Andrews

My Dear Fans,
Yes, I really am 6 feet tall :-) I wear a size 10-11 shoe, am a size Medium with 34DD breasts (although someday that will change :). I like to keep clean shaved, and I'm into just about anything!
In my many years in the adult industry, I've never had more fun than creating this website. I've also never met anyone quite like my partner in crime and the one I like to call my "fucktoy". Together we create magic.
I've been told in numerous fan emails, that we make great videos, but most of all we are great together and are obviously into each other and have a lot of fun with explosive chemistry. That's what it's all about, isn't it? I know people say this all the time, but we really do make a great pair. We are fun-loving, happy, easy-going, and open to just about anything. (besides all that, making him cum is the highlight of my days!)
My content is full of wide and varying styles. I do lots of solo stuff with fetish twists. I love pantyhose and lingerie and high heels. I also really enjoy masturbation instruction, MILF themed clips, and the more personalized 1-on-1's I get tons of requests for :)
Together we do blowjobs, handjobs, anal, fucking, prostate massage/stimulation, girl on girl, threesomes, and we love to swing!
On top of all that, we are always experimenting and broadening our horizons! We'll try just about anything once, and we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting emails and requests. We also love hearing from those who might wish to join us - so check out the "Model Opportunities" email link below if you're interested.
As an FYI, I'm more dominant than anything so if you're a submissive female, or male, bring it on.
I am always expanding and creating new and better things for our little corner of the internet, and I always appreciate feedback and suggestions as well.
On behalf of myself, and my delicious fuck toy, we hope you enjoy your stay and just keep cumming back for more!
Diane Andrews

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