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insatiable milf and amateur porn star diane andrews

Insatiable MILF Diane Andrews - Certified MILF

6' Tall - 34D's - Long Legs - Fetishist - Domme - Fantasy Fulfiller - Elegance Personified

Premium Fantasy Fulfillment and Virtual Experience - Filmed in High Definition


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Welcome to my world.

This is my place. My little section of this massive Internet. My palace of creativity in which I provide you with the tools needed to fulfill your deepest fantasies. A sexy and sultry avenue of erotic art, blowing your mind and taking your fantasies to a whole new level.

Porn, but like never before. A one on one experience with a real woman with real skills and real ability to make you explode with a force so great you'll be absolutely addicted.

I am extremely hard-working and dedicated to providing exceptional content!

I have just a few rules; you will always treat me with respect, honesty and dignity or I will ban all communication with you forever. Pretty simple!

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Latest Updates -


May 18, 2017: "Step-Mom's Surprise"

MILF - Bra Fetish - Pov Sex - Handjobs

This was a custom order, no names used.

Step-mom has a nice surprise for you. She went out and got a bra she knew would drive you absolutely wild...

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

Step-Mom's Surprise


May 13, 2017: "She Takes Horny Pills"

Transformation Fantasy - Horny Ex Wife

This was a custom order - name not used.

Your ex wife is drunk and has taken some horny pills...looks like you're going to be busy fucking her all night.

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

She Takes Horny Pills

May 11, 2017: "MILF JOI Countdown"

MILF - JOI - Cum Countdown

Cum countdown JOI custom clip. Edging you to build your load, then counting you down until you cum all over my big MILF tits.

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

MILF JOI Countdown

May 10, 2017: "Insatiable, Tipsy Milf"

MILF - Cougar - POV Sex - Virtual Sex

Horny, tipsy milf seduces you while company parties outside...

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

Insatiable, Tipsy MILF


May 10, 2016: Note from Diane

Be good little puppets and tribute your favorite MILF so she can get a nice spa day this coming MD weekend!


May 7, 2017: "Do You Like My Bra?"

Taboo - MILF - Bra Fetish - JOI - Masturbation Encouragement

I have caught you looking at my bras, and I'm sure you've been looking at other women's too.

This clip only available for purchase on Clips4Sale or my other clip stores:

Do You Like My Bra?

May 5, 2017: "Forty-Eight Inches Hip To Toe"

Legs - Tall Women - Amazons - Goddess

Yes, you read that right. 48 inches (122cm) from my hip bone to my toes. I am ALL legs. Legs that make you salivate just at the thought of touching...

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

Forty-Eight Inches Hip To Toe


May 4, 2017: "MILF Sex ED"

Taboo - MILF - Sex Ed - POV

You're about to get the education of a lifetime...

This clip only available for purchase on Clips4Sale or my other clip stores:


May 3, 2017: "My Step-Son's Bra Fetish"

Taboo - MILF - Bra Fetish - POV

You've been looking at your step-mom's bras and she is on to you...

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

My Step-Son's Bra Fetish

May 2, 2017: "An Innocent Foot Rub Becomes Your Fantasy Come True"

Taboo - Cougar - MILF - Footjob - POV Sex

How could you possibly keep it in your pants when she dresses like this and is this hot!?

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

An Innocent Foot Rub Becomes Your Fantasy Come True


May 1, 2017: "Enriching Your Sexual Education II"

Sex Ed - Cuckolding - Cum Eating Instruction - Taboo

This was a custom order - name not used.

Teaching you how to be a proper cuckold. Just a small dick sissy boy looking for proper instruction.

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

Enriching Your Sexual Education II

April 30, 2017: "Enriching Your Sexual Education"

Sex Ed - Cum Eating Instruction - CEI - Taboo

This was a custom order - name not used.

Teaching you the proper way of licking, smelling, and eating.

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

Enriching Your Sexual Education

April 25, 2017: "Naturally The Best"

Tit Worship - Tit Fetish - Big Tits

You go weak at the knees at the sight of a pair of natural tits, and mine are the best.

Also available for single purchase on Clips4Sale:

Naturally The Best


April 12, 2017: "You Love Her Titties"

MILF - Taboo - Big Tits - Horny MILF Cougar

This was a custom order - name not used.

Lots of dirty talk and MILF play.

April 4, 2017: "Seduced By A Cougar"

Cougar - MILF - Seduced - POV Sex - Cumshots

This was a custom order - name not used.

Your best friend's hot cougar mom seduces you while he's away.

March 24, 2017: "Nighttime Quickie"

Taboo - MILF - POV Sex

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

A custom ordered follow-up to "Morning Quickie".


February 28, 2017: "Faggoty Cock Whore"

Forced Bi - Femdom POV - Corset

You know your place, and I know your secret. I know all your secrets. I am, after all, a professional. It's my job to know. You try to hide it, but I know you crave....

(see more)

February 26, 2017: "Caught With My Bras"

MILF - CEI - JOI - Taboo - Bra Fetish

This was a custom order - name not used.

I know you thought I wouldn't find out, but you should know better by now. I caught you when you were stealing my panties, and now....

(see more)

February 21, 2017: "Step-Mom Does The Unthinkable"

Taboo - MILF - Impregnation Fantasy

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

"Your step-mom has done the unthinkable... she has left your father... for you. What's more? She wants you to...."

(see more)


February 19, 2017: "MILF's Little Foot Bitch"

MILF - Foot Fetish - Foot Smelling - Bare Feet - POV

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

I come home from work and realize you've been sniffing my dirty socks. This is quite a revelation that my boy is a dirty foot bitch....

(see more)

February 16, 2017: "MILF Age Play"

MILF - Taboo - Fantasies

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

Custom MILF clip only available in my stores.

Buy Now

January 2, 2017: "Afternoon Quickie With Wifey"

Housewife - Hot Wife - POV Sex - Seduction

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

"I would like a custom video from you. I would like you to play my wife. Dress up in really sexy lingerie for me. Lots of sucking and fucking...."

(see more)


December 31, 2016: "Stroke For My Tits"

Tit Worship - Tit Fetish - Natural Tits - Jerk Off Instruction - Custom Porn

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

"hi Diane, I'm a fan of yours greatly now and I ran across your videos on pornhub, I would like a custom video of joi from you... Can you make a video of you showing your breasts to me and telling me...."

(see more)

December 28, 2016: Note from Diane

Due to strict regulations, my wording on my personal website (here) has to be redacted to reflect certain guidelines set forth by my credit card processors. If you want to read the unredacted versions, go to my clips4sale store here: clips4sale.com/47036

December 27, 2016: "Learning Subservience"

MILF - Older Woman/Younger Man - Face Fetish

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

"You'd ideally be wearing a nightie/slip similar or the same as the one you wore in the recent neck fetish clip. The camera would mainly be focused on your beautiful face & hair, although a cleavage glimpse wouldn't go unappreciated. Perhaps some very close up face shots (intimate conversation). You'd either be next to me (in bed?) or on top of me, or alternating.

I'll try not to get too scripted, you can modify, ignore, or quote whatever scripting I include. Your attitude wouldn't be harsh, even when you're saying mean things...."

(see more)


December 17, 2016: "Let's Talk About That Orgy"

MILF - Taboo - JOI

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

"You sitting on the bed, fully dressed, your son standing facing you naked, out of view of camera, you are his pov.

Your outer wear, a nice dress, sort of matronly looking. Underwear any of your really nice lingerie

The over all theme is you are discussing with him the orgy he had arranged with his friends (no age discussed) yesterday. You are reliving the experience with him., constantly asking him, did you like watching me doing... and discussing different parts of the orgy..."

(see more)

December 3, 2016: "The Panty Thief"

MILF - Taboo - Virtual Sex

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

"Basically, I would like the video to just start out with you in a bathrobe with a white thong underneath. When you discover that I've been playing with your panties, you tell me that I'm bad and that you're going to punish me. ..."

(see more)

November 17, 2016: "Her Sexy Neck"

MILF - Taboo - Virtual Sex - Neck Fetish

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

"starts with a bedroom intrusion, a creative chat with son that leads
to an depth discussion of son's predilection for
necks and throats and extremely hairy pussy..."

(see more)


November 11, 2016: Note from Diane

Happy Veteran's Day!

November 7, 2016: "She's Drunk Again"

MILF/Taboo/POV Sex

This was a custom order. To order yours email me.

"I am interested in a POV video with you as my m0ther and I come over for a visit and you're a little tipsy from too much wine..."

(see more)

September 23, 2016: "You Knew The Rules When You Married Me"

Cuckolding/Verbal Humiliation

I don't know why we are having this conversation again. You seem to not understand the rules, and quite frankly it's pathetic and very annoying to have to keep reminding you of your place in this marriage.

(see more)


September 22, 2016: Note from Diane

On today's roster:

Cuckolding: "You Knew The Rules When You Married Me"

Bra Fetish: I have three new bras for my lace bra lovers!

Lots of Love! Diane

September 12, 2016: "My Sissy"

MILF/Cum Eating Instruction

This was a custom order. Order yours today by emailing me a full and detailed idea for my review...

(see more)

September 11, 2016: Note from Diane

Never forget!

What better day to be busy creating my art and expressing my freedoms than today :)

Appreciate being alive.

Lots of Love! Diane


August 30, 2016: "A Remedy For Sleeplessness"


I know that you feel smaller than all the others in your class, and you're having trouble sleeping because....

(see more)

August 29, 2016: Note from Diane

Yes, yes, I know you've missed me! Thank you :)

After my vacation I came down with a cold. Just as soon as I thought I was over it, I lost my voice and became even sicker! After too much bed rest (which makes me crazy), and finally some medicine, I am feeling much better and back at it!

Lots of Love! Diane

August 29, 2016: "Let Me Show You How"

MILF/Masturbation Instruction

You walk in on your step-mom sitting on her bed dressed in full lingerie. You are both startled, and you are the most startled at what starts happening in your pants....

(see more)


August 11, 2016: Note from Diane

I am going on vacation starting tomorrow, August 12. It's not something I do often, so I'm really looking forward to it. I will get some pictures and maybe even a video for you to enjoy! When I return, I hope to find tons of gifts waiting for me for my birthday :)

Lots of Love! Diane

August 11, 2016: Note from Diane

On Monday, August 15, I am officially a year older, so here is my Wishlist for you. I've loved all the gifts you've sent so far, so keep them coming! ;)

Lots of Love! Diane

August 11, 2016: Smoking Black Lace Bra

*I no longer smoke*

Just as the title states. Smoking in a sexy black lace bra. Candid smoking. Added to my member's area at the request of a recent member. Vintage smoking videos from 2013 since I no longer smoke and will not be making any more.

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August 11, 2016: Smoking 2

*I no longer smoke*

More hot smoking. Added for a recent fan of my member's page.

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August 11, 2016: Smoking Red

*I no longer smoke*

Sexy smoking in a hot bikini top. These smoking clips were added to my fan page by the request of a new member. I no longer smoke, so these are vintage clips.

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August 11, 2016: Smoking

*I no longer smoke*

But, I was recently asked by a new member if I would add my past smoking videos, so I have. This first one has been labeled one of the best smoking videos ever made by a fan, and I quote "I've never cum so hard in my life".

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August 1, 2016: "Admit It, You Love Cock"

Forced Bi/Bisexual Encouragement

I found my panties underneath your mattress, and some of them I know I had worn after I had sex with your step-father. So, this is what you do? You like to sniff my cum stained panties after I've had sex with...

(see more)


July 23, 2016: Note from Diane

In less than a month I will be "leveling up", so here is my Wishlist for you. Go buy me something pretty! Get those gifts flowing in so I can do nothing but make hot videos wearing what you've bought me :)

Lots of Love! Diane

July 18, 2016: "You Are Going To Help Me Because I Caught You With My Panties"

Video - Taboo/Virtual Sex 20 minutes

I found my panties underneath your mattress, and some of them I know I had worn after I had sex with your step-father. So, this is what you do? You like to sniff my cum stained panties after I've had sex with...

(see more)


July 14, 2016: "His Ultimatum"

Video - Taboo/Virtual Sex 30 minutes

After catching your step-mom cheating with the neighbor, you decide this will be the optimum time to use it against her to get what you want. After joining her in bed for a "nap", you wake her by lifting her nightie and touching your cock to her ass...

(see more)

July 9, 2016: Note from Diane

I've been featured at KinkBomb's new 3.0 for the 'Taboo' category! I'm so honored! They picked a great shot!

You can visit my store and buy my clips individually there, too.

Insatiable MILF at KinkBomb

Lots of love! Diane

July 7, 2016: "Home For The Holiday"

Video - Taboo/Virtual Sex 24 minutes

You come home for the holiday to your Aunt cooking. She gives you some food, and you can't stop staring at her beautiful tits. As you eat, while you watch TV, when she talks. You are completely consumed with her tits...

(see more)


July 6, 2016: Note from Diane

Just a little mid-shoot selfie for you. Click it, it gets bigger :)

Shot a super hot Taboo clip today, but this MILF is tired so it'll go up tomorrow.

Goodnight, loves.

Lots of love! Diane

July 4, 2016: "Auntie Caught You Spying"

Video - Taboo/Cum Eating Instruction 20 minutes

You're a curious little one, aren't you? At the family's fourth of July party, you hear noises coming from auntie's bedroom, so being the little pervert that you are, you go check it out. When you see it's your auntie masturbating...

(see more)

July 3, 2016: "Humiliating My Pathetic Bra Lover IV"

Video - Bra Fetish 12 minutes

Custom Clip - no names used...

"I was thinking in a clip with you putting 4 of my favorite lace bras
(image below) one on top the other while you humiliate me for been such
a lace bra lover.

You can start the clip wearing the black bra with the rest in your

(see more)


July 2, 2016: 'Paying Your Mistress With Your Dignity'

Video - Femdom 5 minutes

I know what you're doing this holiday weekend, and it's not what you think. You have groveled at my feet and begged to serve me for months now, and I have finally come to a resolution as to how you will worship and adore me. It will cost you your dignity. Let's face it, you've never actually been that masculine to begin with, and you've always dreamed of dressing up like, and being...

(see more)

June 24, 2016: 'Filthy Dirty Cam Session With Step-Mom'

Video - Taboo 28 minutes

You've been away at college for so long, and step-mommy misses you so much! It's time for our weekly cam session, and much to your delight step-mommy is wearing the sexiest outfit you've ever seen! She is obviously ready for something extra special and fun...

(see more)

June 24, 2016: Note from Diane

As I'm sure you've noticed, I am doing some renovations to the website! I hope you like the new layout. It loads much faster this way, and you can also click on "see more" to get a full page description and sometimes a sample video!

It's quite a big task when you have as much HOT content as I do, so please BARE with me ;)

Lots of love! Diane


June 16, 2016: 'Naughty Bath'

Video - Masturbation: 8 minutes

You've always had the bad habit of spying on your step-mom in the bathroom, but this time is very different. This time you hear sounds coming from the bathroom you've never heard before. You wonder, is she OK? Should I go in and check on her? Maybe I should go in and just be sure she's OK. You walk in and what you find is that not only is she OK, but she's masturbating with multiple toys in both of her holes and even when she sees you she doesn't stop, it spurs her on and she just keeps fucking herself with these toys, both in her pussy and in her ass, and even in both at the same time! You stand there watching, completely in awe. This is the naughtiest she has ever been with you, and you can't help but love every second of it, especially when she talks dirty.

June 13, 2016: 'When Comfort Turns To Passion'

Video - Taboo MILF: 21 minutes

Your step-father has left me for a younger woman. I don't think you can ever understand what this does to a woman of my age. I was just laying here in my sexiest nightie to try to make myself feel better about not being good enough, or attractive enough anymore...

(see more)

June 11, 2016: 'Introduction To Making Your Cock Grow Bigger'

Video - Small Penis Encouragement: 17 minutes

Honey, I know you're getting bigger, but there are certain parts of you that are taking a little longer to get bigger...

(see more)


June 9, 2016: 'Cock Stealer'

Video - Taboo: 15 minutes

You've stolen my strapon, and she found out. Now you're in big trouble!...

(see more)

June 5, 2016: Note from Diane

I hope you are all enjoying your summer weekend! I know I have been, and I plan to soak in some rays on this particularly gorgeous day here today, but later I will be making some more filthy smut for all my favorite perverts!

Lots of love! Diane

May 29, 2016: 'Trading Places: Defiling Her Body'

***This clip was a custom order (no names used) - to order yours, email me: diane (at) insatiablemilf.com***

Video - Transformation Fantasies: 16 minutes

(see more)


May 29, 2016: Note From Diane

I am working on filming a sequel to 'Trading Places' today! It's going to be awesome, and I really think my mind has outdone itself with ideas for this one!

This was a custom order by a very patient man several months ago, but due to my health I was unable to finish it until now. Unfortunately, I have also misplaced his email! If you are reading this, please email me so I can send you the video!!!

I will also be working on doing some updates to the site. I have some ideas for making it a little easier to navigate and better organized :)

Lots of love! Diane

May 14, 2016: A Gift To Step Mom

Video - Impregnation Fantasy: 10 minutes High Definition

Custom Video - no names used - a sequel to "Your Graduation Present"

5 years after he graduates high school...

(see more)

May 9, 2016: Note from Diane

I had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, and am looking forward to getting back to work this week! I still have to take things slow, but it's driving me crazy that I haven't been able to film in so long! UGH!

I hope everyone is enjoying all the warm weather! Here's a recent selfie for you, and I will have new updates going up this week!

Lots of love! Diane

TONS More Updates >>>

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